Portraits, Imagery, Travel

The Mailman  collage, mix media

Father  mix media, paper

Mother  mix media, paper

Man Trying to Explain Global Warning mixed media, collage, wc paper

Man silkscreen


Joan's Vision mixed media, wc paper

Man Smoking in Crete pen on paper

"...we ought not to have done." pen, collage

Kid   silkscreen

Jane  acrylic, canvas

The Wall  acrylic, canvas

Emmy   colored pencil

City of Rocks, New Mexico   caran d'ache, wc paper

Outer Space caran d'ache, wc paper

Caye Caulker mix media, wc paper

Man With Caged Mouth mix media and collage

Man From The Bahamas mix media, wc paper

Caye Caulker, Belize  mix media

Long Island, Bahamas wc on paper

Volcano on Lago d'Atitlan, Guatemala

Sunny at the Window

Richard caran d'ache, wc paper

Bird Totems

Spring mixed media on wc paper

Todos Santos, Baja  caran d'ache, wc paper

Todos Santos, the Baja caran d'ache, wc paper

Canyon in the Baja caran d'ache, wc paper

Canyon in the Baje caran d'ache, wc paper

Baja caran d'ache, wc paper


Woman With Red Hair mix media, paper

Boat in the Bahamas watercolor

Dog in the Baja caran d'ache, wc paper

Mix media, collage

Reliquary on Crete colored pencil

Cafe Drawing

Joshua Tree mix media, wc paper

Joshua Tree  mix media, wc paper

Bahamas       watercolor

Joshua Tree watercolor

Bahamas  watercolor

Tobago  watercolor

Tobago  watercolor

Bahamas  watercolor

Bluebird of Happiness mix media, wc paper

November 22  collage

How to Fly Like a Bird  mix media

Billy  acrylic, canvas

Tourist in Morrocco acrylic, canvas

Bird Totems

Sunny  mix media

The Baja   caran d'ache

Orca Dream  mix media

Beach in Crete colored pencil

Outcropping in Crete  colored pencil

In Crete colored pencil

Lago de Atitlan, Guatemala water color

In Chania, Crete

Guatemala  water color